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Compressors For Operators

General Objectives:

The aim of this subject is to familiarize participants with the most common types of compressors found in a process plant. Theoretical training on Positive Displacement compressors, Dynamic compressors and also Turbo Expanders. Its major parts, specific applications and operation of different types will be covered.

Specific Objectives:

At the end of training the trainees will be able to:
  • State the main function of positive displacement compressors and dynamic compressors;Identify and label the key components of simple drawings of compressors;
  • Describe the basic working principles of positive displacement compressors and dynamic compressors;
  • Describe precautions to be taken when working with compressors;
  • State the reasons why a compressor must be cleaned and prepared prior to maintenance activities commencing;
  • Identify the main components of different types of compressors;
  • Understand the concept applications wet and dry seals;
  • Understand blow down requirement for wet seals;
  • Describe the Operator´s role and responsibilities when working with compressors;
  • Develop troubleshooting skills;
  • Develop cause & effect analysis.



Module I – Basic Principles of Operation

Module II – Hazards associated with Compressors

Module III – Positive Displacement Compressors

Module IV – Dynamic Compressors

Module V – Turbo Expanders

Module VI – Auxiliaries

Module VII – Operator Duties

Module VIII – Start Up and Shut Down Procedures

Module IX – CCC Interpretation

Module X – Wet and Dry Seals

Module XI – Troubleshooting
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