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Heat Exchangers

General Objectives:

To enable the participants to understand technology, performance and operation of heat exchangers.

Specific Objectives:

At the end of training the trainees will be able:
  • To have a better knowledge os shell and tube heat exchangers types;
  • To know the heat exchange principles applied to heat exchangers;
  • To be aware of how operating conditions impact on heat exchanger performance;
  • To be able to estimate fouling resistance values and to ptimize the heat exchanger cleaning interval;
  • To manage routine operation safety and know the main steps of start-up, cleaning and testing.



Module I – TEMA standard shell and tube heat exchangers
  • TEMA standard heat exchanger nomenclature. Types of shells, front and rear head ends;
  • Fluid circulation and bypass flows;
  • Application: study of different heat exchanger types.
Module II – Heat Exchanger Performance
  • Heat exchange conditions: convection coefficients, resistance caused by tubes and fouling;
  • Overall transfer coefficient;
  • Mean thermal potential in a heat exchanger, number of transfer unit efficiency;
  • Heat flow rate exchanged: influence of circulation mode and fouling;
  • Application;
  • Convection coefficient calculation;
  • Overall heat transfer coefficient estimate and mean thermal potential calculation.
Module III – Operation and monitoring
  • Routine operation: influence of operating conditions (inlet temperature – fluid flow rate …) on heat exchanger performance;
  • Heat transfer coefficient calculation and monitoring: impact on heat exchanger performance and energy consumption. Performance prediction;
  • Troubleshooting: overall heat transfer coefficient comparison between clean and dirty conditions. Fouling resistance calculation.
Module IV – Start-up – Test and cleaning procedure
  • Optimum cleaning interval estimate, preparation, safe procedure;
  • Inspection of exchanger bundles, extended plate type and air coolers;
  • Hydraulic water pressure test: case of U tube bundle and floating head heat exchangers;
  • Application;
  • Thermal performance prediction;
  • Determination of optimum cleaning frequency;
  • Study of safe start-up, test and cleaning procedure.
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